Handmade for the web.

With outside-the-box thinking.

We tailor to you. 

This is gesagt.getan.

We take the time.

From the ground up.

Through to the final touches.

Because this is how quality is created.

We won't talk you into anything... 

… but rather provide honest consultation.

We speak your language.

To grow web projects of which you can be proud.

And so can we. gesagt.getan.

Welcome to gesagt.getan.'s digital workshop! 

We offer customised, handmade digital services that make your website pop, dress your company from the best wardrobe, send it into the world wide web on sturdy soles, and spruce up your online presence so that it is just right. How do we do this? With web marketing, websites, online communication, irresistible copy and the best consultation.

Why do we call ourselves digital craftspeople? It's easy: because we do what we do with plenty of knowledge and experience, as well as with heart, brains and reliability, and with the aspiration of providing quality work – from the sole to the shoelaces.Are we just saying this? No, we actually do it. And it's for this reason that we chose the name gesagt.getan. which can be translated as "said - done". We think that says it all.