Let us guess: when you clicked to visit this site you expected an entire shelf full of trophies and medals that prove to you how great, effective and functional our websites, marketing solutions and concepts are.

Coincidentally we do have a few, but we don't want to go pedalling them around here because: we principally do not submit our projects for awards.

Why not, you ask? It is our belief that awards and prizes in the advertising branch are oftentimes not representative. There are agencies that submit each and every project that pops into their minds and there are others that submit hardly anything.

And in the end, everyone wins something someday, even if just for fairness' sake. So it goes without saying that this is not a good representation of performance. And besides: preparing and presenting a submission usually requires many resources.
And we would rather invest in something else that really distinguishes us.

And that is in our satisfied customers. When they are really happy and satisfied enough to enter a project into a competition themselves, it is truly an honour. Because then the submission itself proves that we have done great work. Award or no award.