Would you like to invite us to tender for a project? We are flattered! But we must tell you that we do not tender without a pitch fee.

Why, you ask? We'd be happy to explain. The first rule in the communications industry is: no presentation without pay. Creative ideas and strategies are valuable goods that must be rewarded. To not do so doesn't just show poor taste, but is very short sighted. Because: creative work requires resources.

Many resources. And we have to somehow earn them back. That raises the prices of our services and means our loyal existing clients have to pay for your idea browsing. To put it another way: do hotels offer free short stays to guests that can't decide if they want to book a week-long holiday? Can you eat in a restaurant for free, just to try it? Precisely. We love having customers who see us as partners.

And this partnership means having trust from the beginning on, to work together on ideas and projects and sharing a common joy for our finished work. And if you're holding a creative competition in which all participants are being fairly compensated for their efforts, we would be happy to take part.

This is how we work, no differently. gesagt.getan.