Consultation and Training

If you want to shine online, you need 
the best recipe. Our digital chefs will let you peek 
over their shoulders into their pots, pans and cookery books.  
With plenty of practical relevance.

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Consultation and Training

Our best recipe

Homemade food tastes the best. But only when you have the correct
recipe. The cooks at gesagt.getan. are specialists in the areas of web
, social media, analysis, monitoring and web copy. And they are happy to share their recipes with you. 

In our workshops and training, we don't just talk nonsense, you will get the real deal. Whether we are talking about search engine optimisation, community management, blogging or Google Adwords, our trainings are seasoned so that they won't give you an upset stomach.
Instead, the content is easy to digest and you will take valuable lessons home with you.

Or would you just like to hire out our expertise? We are also happy
to offer consultation, advice and analysis and provide our expert opinion, no matter if you need it for current online activities or in the planning and implementation of web projects.

Shall we cook something wonderful up together? We look forward to it!

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